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How to Stop Stammering

Stammering is a disorder related to speech. A person suffering from this disorder repeats some words or syllables. Talking flowingly is a problem to these people suffering from stammering. Some reasons may include self consciousness. The problem might cease if the person is relaxed to some extent.

How to stop stammering:

There are some symptoms to know whether a person is suffering from stammering. If the symptoms are there then one can take some measures to stop stammering. They are:

You find it difficult to start a word or a sentence.

You hesitate to utter some sounds.

You tend to repeat certain sounds or words.

You prolong certain sounds.

There is fragmentation in the speech.

There is substitution of certain sounds with others.

Some may blink the eyes.

The lips shiver.

Breathlessness occurs while uttering difficult sounds.

In order to stop stammering there are certain solutions that may help up to some extent.

Try yoga. Yoga relieves your body and mind of stress. If you attain control over your nerves then you can have a control over the pace at which you talk. Also make it a practice to read out loud from books. Take some time out for this activity everyday from your schedule. Do it in your room in privacy so that you won’t feel conscious. After a period of time your mouth will get habituated to the flow of words and you will get used to talking at the perfect pace without stammering.

There are many people who have overcome this problem and you too can. If there is somebody in your circle who overcame this problem, talk to the person and share your experiences. Take some advice on what helped the person to get rid of the stammering. This helps you a lot and also makes you feel more confident. It gives you a hope that you too can do it soon.

Remember that all you need to discover is just a new way of speaking so that it becomes natural to you to speak without any obstruction.

If meeting new people is making you nervous and this is causing you stammering then address the fear of new people first. Know the fact that you are not inferior to anyone and the presence of a new person should not obstruct the flow of your speech.

Try NLP (Neuro Lingusitic Programming) and Hypnotherapy which helps a lot in bringing out the true potential in you in overcoming such problems. If the problem is related to some patterns in the mind then they can be altered through NLP (Neuro Lingusitic Programming) and Hypnosis.

This way, by following certain tips you can get rid of the habit of stammering and lead a normal life. Once you stop stammering you feel more confident, happy and good. It goes a long way in making your life better in all your social interactions. If you speak better you can convince better, negotiate better, express yourself better and live better.