Stop Smoking - NLP Training Courses with Joseph Clough

Stop Smoking Now

Smoking in actuality is a killer, there is nothing good about this habit that seems so very difficult to get rid of. People start smoking for the heck of it, then it becomes a necessity or else the person begins to feel all kinds of withdrawal symptoms that are intolerable and the person gets back into the motions of smoking.  One becomes more like a slave that is driven by this deadly tobacco master. What seems harmless in the beginning can turn into something as lethal as death. If you are a smoker you are on a slow death row with none but yourself to blame. You are snuffing your life out one cigarette at a time. You need to stop smoking now.

There are various ways to quit smoking out there but it all depends on how successful they actually are. All of a sudden one fine day one wakes up and decides to give up smoking, easier thought or said that done. In just a few days the cravings begin and the courage is swallowed up by the tobacco demon again. There are some very good “stop smoking NLP (Neuro Lingusitic Programming) and Hypnosis cds’” that can be ordered and downloaded. It is a proven way to release one from the clutches of smoking. Some of these have been put together by ex smokers themselves and they know what a smoker goes through. Who said once a smoker always a smoker? 

A successful stop smoking program that was created by a neuro linguist programming expert is also doing its rounds in the market. It is a form of psychotherapy that has been tested on more than five thousand smokers wherein one is taught how to stop smoking once and for all in thirty eight minutes and thirteen seconds. This program can be purchased online and can be downloaded to an MP3 or CD player and guess what, if you are not satisfied then there is a sixty day money back guarantee. Wake up, do yourself a favor and kick the nicotine demon hard for good.

By smoking you are not only putting yourself at risk but the people around you as well. How you may ask, well the ones that inhale the smoke get affected as well. Should you decide to stop smoking then there is help available and you need to put the effort forth as well.  Just as you learned to smoke you have to teach yourself to not depend on nicotine and exercise self control. Smoking eats away the inside of a person gradually, to a point where one can only be satisfied by another drag. Why would you want to be a victim of cancer, tuberculosis or any other tobacco related disease? Look at the other side for a moment; if you quit smoking you get healthier and live a longer life, you save more money and time. You are finally stronger to quit smoking and never turn back, it’s something to be proud of, what more do you want than live a stress free life.    

Joseph Clough is a practicing Hypnotherapist, Trainer and Coach who runs accredited NLP (Neuro Lingusitic Programming) Training Courses based in Cambridge. He uses NLP (Neuro Lingusitic Programming) and Hypnosis with all his CDs and MP3 downloads for many issues such as Anxiety, Blushing, Anorexia, Bulimia, Paranoia, Drug addiction, Gambling addiction, low self esteem, depression, fears and phobias, self consciousness, stop smoking, weight loss and management, gym motivation, jealousy and many more.