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How to Overcome Claustrophobia

Claustrophobia is one of the phobias or fears. This is a fear of being stuck somewhere with no escape. This is also an anxiety that might even lead to a panic attack. This fear is irrational and the person suffering from it might avoid closed or tight spaces. Many studies say that nearly 5 percent of the world population suffers from this fear.

This is also a fear which might hinder the person’s daily activities. Some people may even fear sitting in a car. One need not worry about it as there are some therapies to get rid of claustrophobia. Some  ¬
of the symptoms of claustrophobia include: unease, rate of heart beat increasing, pain in the chest, perspiring, nausea and dizziness.

Here are some tips to overcome Claustrophobia:

Try to understand what exactly makes you fear. If something of the same sort happened to you in the past try to remember it.

Consult your doctor and speak openly about it. Discuss the core of the problem.

Also talk to other people who have undergone this fear in the past and have overcome it. Take some tips from them.

Find some ways to make your mind relax and calm. This goes a long way in focusing your mind and curing your fears. Try meditation as a tool to relax your mind and body.

Fill your mind of positive thoughts rather than brood on negative thoughts. Positive thoughts will make you feel good and give you more courage. The negative thoughts make you feel scared. So your mind is a like the soil where the seeds of good thought must be sown in order to get the right action in your life.

Though there are some medicines do not use them until your doctor prescribes them.

Choose NLP (Neuro Lingusitic Programming) and Hypnosis over medicine. The problem is more related to the mind so prefer NLP (Neuro Lingusitic Programming) and Hypnosis than gulping a tablet and expecting some results.

The method of treatment needs you to face your fears. Claustrophobia is a perceived threat by the mind to which it reacts as fear. So the actual danger is not present. If you can accept this reality then you can never be afraid again.

Use NLP (Neuro Lingusitic Programming) and Hypnosis to overcome your fear and relax your mind and body. A mind which is completely relaxed can differentiate between what is real and what is perceived. This discrimination can help you win over your fears.

One of the therapies is cognitive therapy. This therapy makes you realize that your own thought is the driving force behind your feelings and other actions. So after realizing this you will fill positive thoughts or rational thoughts in the place of those negative ones. NLP (Neuro Lingusitic Programming) and Hypnosis is also proved to be one of the therapies to this phobia. It makes you relaxed and level headed.

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This way there are some ways to get rid of the phobias and lead a normal life. It is very important to overcome Claustrophobia as it can hinder you life in many ways if it is not removed from your system at the right time.

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