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How to Overcome Anxiety

Anxiety is a state of mind which causes uneasiness and worry. It is an unpleasant feeling mixed with fear. Anxiety doesnít need an external condition to trigger it; sometimes it can be imaginary threat or something that seems uncontrollable. Everybody knows that it is not good for health. 

How to overcome anxiety

First, let us know of the various symptoms of anxiety and then how to overcome it. The symptoms are: ongoing tension, imaginary problems, restlessness, irritability, tension in the muscles, headaches, sweating, tiresome feeling, nausea, lack of sleep and trembling. If you notice these symptoms then it is time you combat anxiety. Anxiety will eat up the energy resources in the body and makes you weak. So here are some tips to do that.

Negative thoughts are the root cause for anxiety. As they get a strong hold on your mind you get tenser and thereby breed anxiety. So learn to have a control over your thoughts. Donít let those negative thoughts overwhelm you.

Emotions tend to strengthen the anxiety levels. So have control over your feelings. Employ detachment towards the emotional feelings that arise in the mind. Donít get carried away by negative emotions.

Make it a point to think of the good things that happened to you instead of focusing on the bad things.

Begin your day with positive thoughts and good affirmations. Have a cheerful and joyful approach towards your life.

Try to keep yourself busy with something productive. This will help your mind stay away from anxiety. As soon as you wake up, start your day with exercise, meditation gardening or something else which you like. These types of activity will keep your mind off the anxiety. If you sit and think about your problems then anxiety starts to get into your system.

Set small goals every now and then and achieve them. This gives a sense of satisfaction towards life. Not only that but if all your energies are focused on achieving goals then the mind will not be able to give room for anxiety.

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Talk about your anxiety to somebody who you love and trust. Seek their advice. Sharing your worries with others will itself lighten the heart and you feel a bit relieved. This goes a long way in overcoming your anxiety.

Maintain sense of humor and find a reason to smile. This will make you happy and light hearted.

Use positive words when you talk to others or even with your inner self.

Divert your mind to other happy thoughts if there are some negative thoughts coming into your mind. Fill the mind with good and happy thoughts all the time so that there will not be any room for anxiety.

This way following these tips might help you bid goodbye to the monster called anxiety. Anxiety is a problem that is faced by people all over the world because of the stressful modern day life and it can be overcome by making small changes in the lifestyle.