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Physical Well Being

When one stands and takes a look at life one realizes that there are very few things that one can actually influence and take control of. Donít you think that that is true? Physical well being is one such thing that you can take control of, thatís right, what you eat and the lifestyle that you lead determines this factor. Who can know your body mechanisms better than yourself? Physical activity has a vital role to play in a personís well being. Having a strong body helps one cope up better with daily activities, in order to maintain muscle and bone strength throughout oneís existence there should be some form of activity in a personís life. Where there is a will there is way, one is not compelled to go to the gym or something in order to stay fit.

If you want to stay healthy and fit then be prepared to go the extra mile and get into an exercise routine. Regular exercise helps prevent diseases like obesity, heart disease, stroke, an number of cancers, gallstones and diabetes just to name a few. Does that ring a bell?  Exercise or physical activity has multiple benefits, all of which you must strive for, it improves your blood circulation, helps in making new capillaries grow in your heart, skeletal muscles and brains and it enhances the delivery of oxygen and nutrients. Exercise also increases the attention span and the blood volume, the fats get burned faster. The entire immune system gets stimulated. Arthritic symptoms improve greatly as well.

It is advisable that everyone engage themselves in physical activity on a daily basis, exercise can change as a matter of fact every tissue in the body as it is works by many different pathways, hormonal, mechanical, metabolic and neurological. This in turn protects the body buy counteracting serious diseases. Regular exercise not only improves ones health but also boosts up oneís confidence and self worth. Exercise can be done by all regardless of age, sex or physical ability. Do you want to be a weakling or a strong healthy individual? The choice is yours.  

Along with exercise diet and nutrition play a great role as well, strictly avoid junk food instead have a good, balanced diet. Even if you have little time to spare to plan and shop for foods, opt for easy to prepare meals, include foods like rice and fruits, grains, cereals, meat, fish, colourful vegetables and soy or legumes in your diet. Avoid foods that are rich in calories and fats. However, the body requires a certain quantity of fat so be sure to feed it some. A good diet and an exercise routine on a regular basis will ensure physical well being. No one but you will be able to ensure your own physical well being.  As the saying goes, you can take a horse to the water but you cannot make it drink, the choice is yours alone.

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