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The way from doing to being

We live in a physical and materialistic world and thereís no getting away from that and right now itís not a problem.

The Problem

What is the problem is getting too caught up in it. We have become dictated by society. Its shows us and we follow unreservedly. We have bought into an illusionary existence, connected with what we perceive to be true, but worst what others tell us to be true. We do not see the truth; we see what is familiarly, safe and easy. Its perceived freedom, but not real freedom.

Does it have to be this way?


By no means do I not want you to simply be a mediation guru sitting up on top of a mountain, becoming complete one with yourself and letting the world pass by. Personally, I do not feel this is aligned to where we are in progression. Thatís not what Iím on about.

But there is a middle ground, where both can meet. From the doing to the being.

We are at a stage where we must take that responsibility to where we are going and what we are becoming.

What if, what if, what if you made a decision; we made a decision to become awareness.

To know that your view on life/reality is the perception of your mind, not the reality. Those materialistic things do not give us happiness, just give us choice. Happiness starts at the beginning, and you are the beginning. Materialistic things can only add to the beginning not be the beginning.

I think itís time to be conscious of our actions, to allow the unconscious to become conscious of our desires. To create our lifeís the way we want them to pan out.

A warrior mediates in every action.

The combination of doing and being. Allow your being of you to be conscious of your doing/behaviours.

The key to success is to put our intention into every action. To take inspired and massive action. To believe we deserve nothing but the best in who we are.

Thatís freedom.

Anyway thatís just my thoughts.

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