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Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) consists of very effective techniques and tools that can empower yourself and others in a short space of time. It truly gives you back the freedom to be and act out your potential. One of the great parts of NLP is the six principles of success. We go deeply into how we can use them on our accredited NLP Trainings and Seminar, but I would love for you to have a sneak peak of what its all about. I believe you install this mindset into your life you will have nothing less than success.

The first principle is Knowing Your Outcome

Know your outcome.

We both know how important it is to know your outcome – to know what you want, and more importantly, to know it in the positive tense. Because if don’t, you’re getting your mind and body to continuously focus on what you don’t want. All the clients who I see high profile or not always tend to say to me, “I just don’t want this to happen.” “I don’t want to feel bad about myself.” “I don’t want to have a panic attack in this situation.” Now if you’re sending the signals of ‘panic attack’, sending the signals of ‘bad relationships’ or ‘poor health’, even if you don’t want them consciously, if you’re thinking of them and creating images of them in your mind and feeling fearful or negative toward that outcome of what you don’t want, your mind is still focusing on it.

So you’ve got to change your level of focus - onto what you want. It’s okay if you have those negative thoughts or perceptions from time to time, but we’ve got to be conscious of them and when we become conscious that we’re focusing on what we don’t want, we’ve then got to change our focus. The only reason you have that doubting thought, is to tell you that you haven’t got your goal yet – which is a great intention and signal to refocus consciously back on your outcomes. As long as you’re conscious of the negative thoughts you then

The second is to take action, and remember not in the same way as all the things you’ve always done, but inspired action. It’s not positive to do something that makes you feel as if it’s not just you or if you’re not feeling comfortable about taking that decision - it’s got to be inspired. You cannot just sit there and do nothing, it doesn’t work that way. You’ve got to take action which makes you feel good to get your outcome. Even if you don’t know what the steps are yet, it’s about making those initial steps of thinking and knowing your outcome. Then your unconscious mind will allow you to see the opportunities and what steps to take next. You’ll begin to perceive new opportunities and adventures to then know what to do and get your outcome. So taking action is essential.

Then the third principle of the five principles of success is to have sensory acuity.

Now what do I mean by sensory acuity? It’s about being and knowing what you’re doing, and if it’s not working, to do something else. Many people I see have done the exact same thing they’ve always done, still trying to get their outcome and hitting a brick wall. To me, that’s just silly. You need to vary your actions and know that what you’re doing isn’t achieving the outcome yet.

The fourth principle is to have behavioural flexibility.

This simply means that if you know if it’s not working, have the flexibility in yourself to do something different. Because the person with the most flexibility controls the situation, they’re able to adjust their mindset and their feelings to make sure they can still perform well and do something different to achieve their success. So for example, don’t be attached to one specific way to get or achieve something. What other ways could be done? Think outside the box and trust your gut instinct on the right way to achieve your goal.

The fifth principle is to operate from a physiology and psychology of excellence. This is what we’ve been talking about in the whole book. If you’re thinking and feeling good, and your thoughts and feelings are in alignment towards your outcome, with all the feelings of gratitude, trust, love, confidence and knowing, your body is going to feel this as well - your physiology begins to change. We know if you have a healthy mind you get a healthy body, and we also know if you have a healthy body you’re going to get a healthy mind. So it’s important to act as if you have it right now. Trust me, if you act for so long in the way that you want to, your unconscious mind will begin to do it naturally for you, it becomes a habit at a neurological level.

So on or Self Help Development Seminars, NLP Practitioners including Coaching, Time Line Therapy and Hypnosis you will discover and learn how to make huge changes with someone by utilising this knowledge.

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