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Reclaim Your Destiny

Just a few of our Reclaim Your Destiny Weekend Seminar Testimonials

Joseph Clough Trainings
Inspirational and passionate traners. Reclaim your destiny was a fantastically comprehensive exploration into focusing on your goals in order to create your positive outcome, unique to you.”
Bernadette R (Colchester)

Joseph Clough Trainings

“A lovely course, comforting and inspiring. It will enable me to change my life. Thank you"
Marian B (Lecturer - Cambridge)

Joseph Clough Trainings

Each and every time I come into contact with Paul and Joseph they selflessly pass on a wisdom and a passion for NLP that is so rewarding, spiritually and interlectualy – Thank you once again”
David M. (Wirral)

Joseph Clough Trainings

“Inspirational, thought provoking and truly motivational. A great tool to enable everyone to achieve their goals and so much more!”
Joseph K (Operations Manager - Cambridge)

Joseph Trainings

Self building tool- a fun way to go to my inner world & understand myself better. A great tool to be my best potential & redirect myself. I’m charge & inspired to achieve my goals~ Everything is possible now!”

Sony J (Indonesia)

Joseph Clough Trainings

My destiny is awaiting! Off to re-claim mine now. Now I have the tools and knowledge to be able to really make the changes – Thanks Paul & Joseph”
Aly R (Cambridge)

Joseph Trainings

“I loved it”

Vincent B (Grimsby)

Joseph Clough Trainings

It’s really helped me to deal with old mind sets that are no longer helpful and move on with new goals for the future”
Louise A (London)

Joseph Trainings

“ A most enjoyable two days. The course was inspirational and most certainly can change your life for the better”

Barb M (Wirral)

Date: 26th & 27th November 2011
Location: Cambridge - Holiday Inn
Investent: Early Bird £47 (Goes up to £120 in a few weeks! 2011)

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"I really enjoyed the Reclaim Your Destiny weekend - a wonderful indulgence that I have not had for many years. It was also so wonderful to meet so many different people and get a look into their inspirations and aspirations.

The energy it has given is amazing and I feel in control of my day to day and my destiny. Before the seminar I began to suffer from panic attacks at night. My wife, helped me through these as she has already completed your NLP Practitioners course. She also suggested I attend your Reclaim Your Destiny Weekend, with some trepidation, fear and cynicism I went. However, it is the best thing I have done in many years, a really joyous, purposeful, positive experience. The techniques and exercises have given me the tools to reclaim control over my life and destiny. My anxiety levels have significantly reduced and panic attacks have been banished.

Teacher of Sociology and History


"Thank you very much for your (and your dads) time and effort during the last weekend in Cambridge. I thoroughly enjoyed it and it gave me a lot of inpiration in which direction I have to move"
Managing Director


"I loved the Reclaim Your Desitny weekend very much, You are so brilliant at presenting Joseph and I just can't imagine you being any different in the past. And, Paul, thanks for being so kind to me in your "office". You are lovely!

Missing you already!!"


"I just wanted to say a big Thank You to yourself and Paul for the Reclaim Your Destiny Seminar I attended last weekend.

I am generally a positive person but i still felt that i benefited from your course greatly and it is helping me to remain focused. It was also great to meet some new people, to be surrounded by positive energy and also have fun. I felt that your course held my attention (and was therefore very interesting).

I also liked the way that you varied the training methods and also was amazed at the way you and Paul worked so well together.

I have in the past rid myself of friends in my life because i felt that they were holding me back, but felt guilty for it. Now i know that this is a normal, healthy process for people to do and will no longer shed any more guilt.

I certainly feel that i could benefit from any courses that you may hold in the future and hope that you will keep me informed of these.

I would also like to inform you both that my first goal was achieved on Thursday when i passed both of my CIMA accounting exams. I had a flash back to Saturday of what i would do if the outcome was achieved and found myself dancing a merry jig around the kitchen at 8.30am in the morning!!!

This now means that i have set a new goal to become fully qualified by the end of this year. Hopefully when i am spending every spare minute studying and feeling slightly negative, as you sometimes do with this course (due to the intense studying whilst holding down a full time job and what little you feel you have of a life during this period) i will remember your course and think you can achieve anything that you want to.

Thanks again for such a wonderful day"

Caroline T


"Just a word of thanks for the seminar at the weekend, I had a great time and I got a lot from it. It has fuelled my desire to get stuck in this year and learn more"