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Joseph Clough

“Now You Can Become FREE Of Fear And Create The Life Of Your Dreams!”

From: Joseph Clough – International Trainer and Coach

Take a moment and imagine...

• A life free of limitations...

• What type of financial success would you achieve?

• How would it transform your health?

• What type of relationships would you have?

At my Reclaim Your Destiny Weekend, I will show you how to discover the secret of success for every area of your life. Through these mind technologies you will be able to transform your life to a level you have only dreamed of.

You will spend over 13 hours with me personally. Remember - for a one to one session I usually charge up to £140 per hour!

At Reclaim Your Destiny you will learn:

• How To Release Negative Emotions Once And For All

• My Simple Strategy For Consciously Creating Your Future

• How To Finally Take Charge of Your Own Destiny

• You’ll Also Release Limiting Thoughts. Such As...
"I have low self-esteem ...” “I’m not good enough…”
"I can't have a great relationship ..."
"It's hard to make money ..."

• How To Identify And Install Key Success Factors In All Areas Of Life

• Developing Core Beliefs That Serve You – And Planting Them Deep Into Your Unconscious Mind

• Integrate Excellence For Outstanding Results

• Accelerate Your Success In All Areas Of Your Life

Joseph Clough

Next Event:

Date: 26th & 27th November 2011
Location: Cambridge - Holiday Inn
Investent: Early Bird £47 (Goes up to £120 in a few weeks! 2011)

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Look at what some of the attendees have said about Reclaim Your Destiny:

“The Reclaim Your Destiny” seminar has Joseph and Paul’s usual high quality of training. They have really ‘raised the bar’ with their new hypnotic accelerations of NLP interventions. Especially if you have prior experience of these, their new methods are extremely compelling.”
- Martin G. Cambridgeshire

“The energy it has given is amazing and I feel in control of my day to day and my destiny. Before the seminar I began to suffer from panic attacks at night. My wife, helped me through these as she has already completed your NLP Practitioners course. She also suggested I attend your Reclaim Your Destiny Weekend, with some trepidation, fear and cynicism I went. However, it is the best thing I have done in many years, a really joyous, purposeful, positive experience. The techniques and exercises have given me the tools to reclaim control over my life and destiny. My anxiety levels have significantly reduced and panic attacks have been banished. ”
- P.H Teacher of Sociology and History

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