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NLP Practitioner

Licensed NLP Practitioner including Certification in Hypnosis, Time Line Therapy™ and Coaching in 8 Days.

What You Will Learn

  • Work with the beliefs of great communicators
  • Learn how we communicate so you can easily understand others ways of thinking
  • Work with the Mind Body Connection to enhance yours and others results
  • Set goals that you can be certain to achieve

The science of rapport and the secret to building lasting relationships!

  • Learn how to get on with anyone, however challenging their behaviour
  • Get into someone’s way of thinking so you can understand them better

The inner workings of our brains, how to get results by tapping into your senses!

Get in control of your thinking & restructure others using the building blocks of the brain!

Use language with real purpose to communicate, answer questions and also free others from their old way of thinking!

How to empower yourself and others using naturally occurring states!

You also get Time Line Therapy™ Practitioner Certification

Hypnotherapy Certification

Accreditation by The ABNLP, Time Line Therapy Association, UK Guild of Hypnotist Examiners and Joseph Clough Trainings.
Our NLP Practitioner courses are more than just a learning experience- they're the beginning of a life journey.

How can I learn all this in just 8 days?
Before attending the live seminar with Joseph, you study from specially produced audio CD programme. The pre-study will take 50hrs or so, which you can do at your own convenience.
NLP will take you on the journey of a lifetime and you will come back trained in the latest transformational techniques of Neuro Linguistic Programming, Time Line Therapy (tm), Hypnosis, and coaching along with certification in all four areas having be taught by leading trainers and coaches of personal change.

NLP Practitioner Schedule
Two more NLP Practitioner Trainings left in 2012

6th to 14th October 2012 (10th Oct day off) Bournemouth

10th to 18th November 2012 (7th Nov day off) Cambridge, Holiday Inn Express

Total to pay £1250

Investment: £1998 (Discounts available for group bookings)

Booking Please call 01223 720 120

The specific breakdown:

  • Milton Model
  • Metaphors
  • Anchoring
  • Strategies
  • Reframing
  • NLP Model of Therapy
  • Parts Integration
  • Discovering The Root Cause
  • Steps For Putting A Single Goal In Your Future
  • Fast Phobia Model
  • The 5 Step Sales Process
  • Negotiating—Influencing
  • The Meeting Format
  • then we have the Hypnosis and Time Line Therapy..

NLP Practitioner Schedule
23rd - 26th October and 28th -31st October 2010
Cambridge - Holiday Inn Express
£1998, enrol 10 weeks before for Early Bird £1698 Deposit £500
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19th - 22nd February & 24th -27th February 2011
Cambridge - Holiday Inn Express
£1998, enrol 10 weeks before for Early Bird £1698 Deposit £500
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