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Joseph Clough Global Seminars/Retreats/Master Classes:

1. If Joseph were to run an event which locations would you absolutely attend?

Las Vegas - USA

Los Angeles - USA

New York - USA

Florida -USA

Phoenix - USA

San Francisco - USA

London - UK

Dublin - Ireland

Edinburgh - Scotland

Melbourne - Australia

Sydney - Australia

Other Cities around the world (please specify City/Country and any relevant details)

2. What programme are you interested in?

Reclaim Your Destiny Seminar (2 Day Weekend Seminar)

Reclaim Your Destiny Retreat (4 Days Monday to Thursday)

Hypnosis & Therapeutic Change Master Class (2-3 Days)

3. Do you know people who would like to attend? (if so you would be able to attend for free!)

4. Do you know any promoters/centres/networks that would like to help promote the event on a profit share deal? (this helps with selling and logistics to make the events happen as being me being far away in Cambridge, England it can be harder)

5. Name. Email and Number (to contact you direct on seminar/course near you)

Your Name:

Your E-Mail:

Your Tel:

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